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At ClearMatch™ Medicare, we’re experts in one thing: Medicare. We know it back to front, which means we also know it can be complicated, confusing, and overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to “de-complexifying” it for customers across the country, one-by-one. We match each customer with the right plan at the right place to deliver better health and peace of mind.  

Since 2006, our uniquely personal service, diverse solutions and proprietary analytics have made us one of the highest performing acquisition, lead generation and customer retention companies in our industry. Through our direct-to-consumer marketing, sales and enrollment solutions, we guide customers throughout their Medicare journey, with a focus on the long-term. ClearMatch Medicare’s approach provides support every step of the way, from identifying and enrolling in a plan to reviewing coverage each year to make sure our customers get all the benefits they deserve. 

Our highly experienced agents pride themselves on treating our customers with deep expertise and genuine empathy, truly understanding the person beyond the plan. They take the time to really listen and get to know our customers, so we can tailor solutions for each of them, one at a time, every time. No wonder we continue to grow year after year, gaining and retaining loyal customers.